OESC-Announcement-2016-10-31 Announcements page added

OESChapters.org is pleased to announce the availability of a new feature in the OESC environment- “Announcements”.  These are dynamically populated pages containing announcements about the environment.  Each participating Chapter in the OESC environment has it’s own announcements page as well as OESC itself.

For each Chater, the announcements function is implemented as a page with posts.  To add an announcement you merely need to craft an appropriate post with the category of your Chapter id “ZZ999” and tag ‘announcements’.  The announcement posts will dynamically populate the announcements static page in descending date order with 6 announcement links per page.

For OESC itself, the announcements page lives on the “About OESC” page and will be used to communicate upcoming events (maintenance etc) as well as new features and capabilities of the OESC environment.

Detailed how-to documentation for the new feature will be added in the next few days.

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