Doc-Vision for the future of OESC

Where is the (OESC) environment going, and how will it achieve it’s goals?

This page of the documentation seeks to address those very important questions.


The OESC website started in early 2015 out of a perceived need to be more relevant to the current target membership audience for the two chapters the webmaster belongs to. One of them had no web presence at all and the other had a website but the individuals administering and maintaining it decided to leave the Chapter and abandon the undertaking. The current webmaster offered to assist in resurrecting the existing Chapter’s website and by default became the webmaster. The balance of 2015 was largely spent in research into both what would be realistically needed and how those requirements could be effectively met. The major website content management systems (CMS) as well as a hand-coded HTML environment were evaluated. The first passes at what became’s working design requirements were drafted.

In early 2015 a straw-man environment was created under a localhost environment using Drupal.  Drupal is a great environment but it became obvious that the ease of use and access control concerns were going to be difficult to implement. As a result, the Drupal environment was abandoned.  In the summer of 2015 WordPress was selected and implemented as the Content Management System (CMS) for the environment and the technical implementation approach was crafted. Access control criteria was established and the first draft at working design documentation was crafted. In early 2016 the environment came together, a live hosting service was selected, and OESC was launched.

What the future may hold

The webmaster’s current plan is to finalize operational documentation, add the webmaster’s second Chapter to the environment and then offer the environment to other local Chapters in the webmaster’s geographical area.  Once several Chapters are effectively operating the current plan is to offer the environment to every Chapter in California and then, if well received, other jurisdictions.

Note that nothing is cast in stone, that the OESC environment is an evolving dynamic critter, and that nobody really knows what the future may hold.  All we can do is try and put our best effort forward and see where it leads us.

How OESC may advance into the future

The key, in the webmaster’s opinion, to a successful environment is to have essentially anyone with basic computer skills be able to properly and safely maintain the OESC environment for their respective Chapter.  To that end, the OESC environment must, in the Webmaster’s opinion, be comprehensively documented with proven and step-by-step “see-spot-run” hand-holding procedures so that there is no technical website maintenance skillset required.

The current (as of February 2016) procedural documentation is early in development and evolving as mileage is gained in use.  The naming conventions are established as are the overriding guiding principles that govern the whole OESC implementation effort.  The documentation is targeted for completion by the end of the first quarter, 2016 and will depend somewhat on feedback from initial users and their experiences.

This page will update as conditions evolve.

Last updated 02/24/2016