The home page for Sunset Chapter 300 of California has moved to You should use the website chapters navigation menu rather than directly accessing the webpage via the URL.  You will be redirected to the proper page automatically … Continue reading


The following changes were made to the OESC environment: Added a “Contact Us” page to each participating Chapter and ZZ999. Changed each Chapter’s home page to reflect the contact us page (including ZZ999 sample/templates chapter). Updated the Chapters selection page … Continue reading

OESC-Announcement-2016-10-31 Announcements page added is pleased to announce the availability of a new feature in the OESC environment- “Announcements”.  These are dynamically populated pages containing announcements about the environment.  Each participating Chapter in the OESC environment has it’s own announcements page as well … Continue reading


The following changes were made to the (OESC) enviornment Changed the file upload process to remove Filrezilla and use the WordPress built-in file uploader. Deleted the Firezilla FTP client download how-to page. Deleted the Firezilla FTP client configuration how-to … Continue reading


Fixed a challenge with capability permissions for user management Added revised role to current Chapter Admins Added new category ‘news’ to accomodate news blog posting Changes Chapter home pages for all Live chapters Chapter Blogs becomes Chapter Officer Blogs Chapter … Continue reading

OESC Changelog-2016-08-29

The following items were modified: How To Procedures root page How To Procedures Chapter Content Editors root page How To Procedures-Public Page Editor How To-Correct a Public Page Category Assignment Error How To Procedures-Public Post Editor How To-Correct a Public … Continue reading