Doc-Benefits of a Unified Design

There are, in the writer’s opinion, several significant benefits to having a single unified design and implementation approach for the (OESC) environment.

These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

  • Only one design, approach, implementation, set of procedures and documentation is required rather than one for each independently created Chapter.
  • Only one Domain and its associated costs of registration and renewal is required.
  • One webmaster is required irrespective of the number of participating Chapters supported.
  • Only one physical website hosting environment is required.
  • The operating costs (for hosting and minimally required commercial software used in the OESC environment) occur once versus being repeated for each independent Chapter website if they were not unified. This results is a significantly more cost-effective approach than multiple websites. The cost avoidance could likely permit participation by Chapters that would otherwise be financially unable to support their own web presence
  • A unified approach provides a realistic solution to the lack of a pervasive and effective web presence readily apparent in today’s real-world environment, at least in California.
  • Each Chapter participating in the OESC environment operates independently within the overall umbrella of the website. From a practical perspective each participating Chapter has it’s own independently administered web presence.
  • Having multiple chapters available in one unified location allow potential members to evaluate and better understand multiple Chapters that may exist in their locale. This has the potential to enhance member recruitment.
  • One website link in the Grand Chapter website could make all of the participating Chapter’s local news and information to Website visitors and OES members, simplifying Grand jurisdiction website maintenance.,
  • Each participating Chapter has a professionally designed environment available to the Chapter which is crafted to provide all necessary functional operations associated with a comprehensive membership website including membership management, calendarization, newsletters, blogs, etal. and other functions associated with a “proper” website.