Doc-Future Enchancements

This page provides information on the currently planned future enhancements to the environment. This list is not necessarily all-inclusive, nor does inclusion of a potential enhancement in the list indicate a firm commitment to its eventual implementation. Rather this list is an indication of the current thinking of the webmaster and is most certainly subject to change.

The currently envisioned future enhancements are:

  • A RSVP functionality to allow for on-line RSVP for Chapter events.
  • Chapter mass emailing capabilities to allow for informational broadcasts to the Chapter’s membership.
  • An online donation and payment processing capability to allow payment of Chapter dues and event participation costs as well as donations to the Chapter’s budget. This is likely a long way in the future if it happens at all due to the logistics of getting funds to the proper Chapter in a secure manner.  Lots of work to make this happen properly and securely.