Doc-Internal Implementation Approach

The page documents the internal implementation approach used in the (OESC)environment.

The majority of the pages within the OESC website environment are WordPress pages with nominally static content.

Examples include:

  • The meeting location and schedule which would rarely change
  • The Chapter Officers, which change once a year at Installation

While all of the pages within the OESC environment are, in fact, WordPress Pages (as opposed to Posts), some of the pages have Posts as their content so that they reflect a more dynamic content without having to change the (otherwise) static page content. This allows for the users to merely create a post and have it “magically” appear on the proper page depending on the post category and tag. Posts do not currently exist outside of a containing page.

Examples of these hybrid “Pages with Posts” include:

  • The Officer Blogs
  • The Club 999 page
  • Community Service
  • Past Matrons and Patrons Club
  • Chapter events

See the documentation pageĀ Chapter Topics for a comprehensive list of all of a Chapter’s pages and their content type.