Doc-Naming Blog Posts

This page provides the established naming convention for naming the various blog posts in the environment and website.

Pages are named “ZZ999-XX-YYYY-MM-DD-Post Name“, where:

  • ZZ999 is the Chapter number of which the post is associated. See Naming Chapters for naming Chapters.
  • XX- is an indicator of which blog is involved taken from the list below:
    • WM- Worthy Matron
    • WP- Worthy Patron
    • AM- Associate Matron
    • AP- Associate Patron
    • Cond- Conductress
    • AC- Associate Conductress
    • Sec- Secretary
    • Club- Club999 fundraiser club
    • Event- Chapter events blog
    • Mpclub- Past Matrons and Patrons club
    • News – newsy posts not part of another blog
  • YYYY-MM-DD is the YYYY year, MM month, and DD day of the post’s creation. Note the hyphens are required.
  • Post Name is the post’s name and is descriptive of the post’s event in the OESC environment.

Note that the hyphens “-” following the Chapter number, within and following the creation date are required and that normal word spacing is acceptable for “post name”.


There are currently no known exceptions.


ZZ999-WM-2016-01-05-Welcome to the ZZ999 Worthy Matron’s Blog

ZZ999-News-2016-09-23-Newsy informational post


Page last updated 09/23/2016