Doc-Naming Tables

This page provides the established naming convention for naming the various Tables in the environment and website.

Tables are used in support of certain pages in the website where a sortable listing capability is required. Tables are not used as freestanding functions and are always a part of an appropriately labeled page within the environment. There are currently no known cases where a table will be created by other than the OESC webmaster.

Tables are named “ZZ999-Table Name“, where:

ZZ999 is the Chapter number the table is associated with. See Naming Chapters for naming Chapters.

Table Name is the table name and is descriptive of the table’s function in the OESC environment. Table names are fixed and unchanging in the website. They are tied to the page that they support. For example the table listing the Past Matrons and Patrons would be ZZ999-PMPP and is tied to the ZZ999 Past Matrons and Patrons page

Note that the hyphen “-” following the Chapter number is required and that normal word spacing is acceptable, although most table names are acronyms of the page name with which they are associated.


There are currently no known exceptions.


The table listing the Past Matrons and Patrons of Chapter ZZ999 is ZZ999-PMPP and is tied to and a part of the ZZ999-Past Matrons and Patrons page