Doc-Naming Users

This page provides the established naming convention for naming the various <em>Users</em> participating in the environment and website.

Users are named “<strong>ZZ999-lastname-firstname</strong>”, where:

<strong>ZZ999</strong> is the Chapter number of which the individual is a member. See <a href=”http://localhost/sites/oesc/doc-oesc-documentation/doc-documentation-naming/doc-naming-chapters/”>Naming Chapters</a> for naming Chapters.

<strong>lastname</strong> is the surname of the individual. If the surname has multiple parts, eliminate all spaces.

<strong>firstname</strong> is the given name of the individual

Note that the two hyphens “-” between the Chapter number, lastname and firstname are required


If the above generates multiple identical user names within a single Chapter, then append a following numberĀ  (1, 2, 3, 3, etc.) to the otherwise identical names.


John Smith, a member of Chapter 999 in state ZZ would be <strong>ZZ999-Smith-John</strong>
Mable De La Costas of Chapter 123 in State AZ would be <strong>AZ123-Delacostas-Mable</strong>