Doc-Chapter Topics

This page lists the major topical areas available for each Chapter participating in the (OESC) environment.

The following 20 topical areas are the main or “first level” navigational options seen when a user views each Chapter’s “Home Page”. Every Chapter’s home page is identical so that the Chapter only need add it’s unique data content to the provided structure.  The list below identifies that Page Topical area and the page type.

Meeting Location Static page

Meeting Dates Static page

Calendar of Events Static page with embedded Calendar

Chapter Officers Static page

Chapter Committees Static page

Chapter Newsletters Hybrid Pages with Posts

Chapter Officer Blogs Hybrid Pages with Posts

  • Worthy Matron Blog
  • Worthy Patron Blog
  • Associate Matron Blog
  • Associate Patron Blog
  • Conductress Blog
  • Associate Conductress Blog
  • Secretary Blog

Past Matrons and Patrons Club Hybrid Page with Posts

Chapter Events Hybrid Page with Posts

FAQ Static page

Community Service Hybrid Page with Posts

Forms Static page

Club xxx Hybrid Page with Posts

Chapter History Static page

Award Recipients Static page

50-Year Members Static page

Past Matrons and Patrons Static page

Birthdays Static page (member-private)

Membership Roster Static page (member-private)

Changelog Hybrid Page with Posts