OESC Calendar Implementation

This section of the OESChapters.org (OESC) documentation describes the implementation of event calendars within the OESC environment.

Each participating Chapter, and OESC itself, have need of a calendar of events so that end-users may have calendarized event information.

Calendars within OESC need to be:

  • Consistent for each participating Chapter as to operation, look and feel.
  • Easily maintainable using simplistic and consistent data entry and editing techniques.
  • Viewable in various formats, such as  by day, week, month, and a date-sequenced listing.
  • Printable in the various formats available.
  • Layerable so that future arbitrary groupings of calendars can be facilitated.

The  Google calendar has been chosen as the vehicle for calendarization of events for several reasons:

  • A single physical “master” calendar, at the OESC level, can be established.
  • Sections of the master calendar can be assigned to each functional calendar user group, currently each participating Chapter.
  • The assigned calendar sections can be maintained by any authorized user by using their own Google login credentials, eliminating the need to establish multiple Google accounts for each entity using the OESC calendar functionality.

The following potential future enhancements are envisioned:

  • Addition of non-Chapter groupings such as Grand Officer Associations. These would likely be only a roster and the event calendar pages.
  • Arbitrary groupings of existing Chapter calendars into larger geographic (?) areas such as Districts or States (for a replicated Grand Jurisdiction calendar).