How-To Procedures

The How-to Procedures section of the website is a significant and ongoing work-in-progress. Please expect to find broken links and missing data in this section of the website whenever the procedures are being created, updated, or tested for accuracy.

All procedures are being reviewed and updated to reflect the revised website structure.  Please contact the webmaster if you have any challenges while this review/update is being completed.

How the various components of a website are handled and processed is a very important aspect of the website design and implementation process. Having no effective procedures can cause website challenges and subsequent confusion. With the significant number of individual items that have to be managed within the (OESC) environment lack of systematic procedures can lead to significant website maintenance and management issues. The OESC website has a comprehensive set of procedures to provide for consistent and effective site management.

This page provides links to all of the How-To pages that deal with procedures for handling the various website components such as information pages, users, newsletters and flyers, etc. Click on any of the links below to access the section documenting the procedures for how that type of website resource is managed. If you encounter a website functional process that is not covered by these procedures, or if you encounter any error in following the procedures provided, please contact the Webmaster so that an appropriate process and associated procedure can be established to properly administer the website component involved.

The OESC environment’s How-To Procedures are divided into several functional procedure groups. Click any of the links below to view the index of procedures for the chosen group.

Page last updated 08-28-2020