How To Procedures-Chapter Administrators

This section of the (OESC) How-To Procedures provides links to all of the current operational procedures that pertain to Chapter Administrators. This will typically, but not need, be restricted to the Chapter’s Secretary or other technically qualified individual within the Chapter.

The Chapter Administrator is the only individual who has the authority to add, change, or delete member users from the OESC system for the Chapter involved. Chapter Administrators can be added, changed, or deleted only by the OESC site webmaster.

To select any given detailed procedure, click on the blue link in the list below. You can return here by clicking the breadcrumb trail at the top of each procedure’s page.

The current Chapter Administrator procedures include the following:

  • User account maintenance
  • Correcting inappropriately assigned category codes in pages or posts
  • Correcting inappropriately assigned tag codes in posts

Page last updated on 05/02/2016