How to procedures-Chapter Calendar Maintenance

This section provides information on how to maintain the Chapter’s calendar of events in the (OESC) environment.

In order to provide the most practical, robust and flexible calendar capability for the OESC environment, OESC utilizes an embedded Google Calendar for all participating chapters. “Under the covers” there is a single OESC Master Google calendar that has subsections for each OESC participating chapter. Each subsection is shared with a Google account established for the participating Chapter to use for calendar maintenance.

This approach also allows for future OESC enhancement with capability to display all calendar events for arbitrary calendar groups such as Districts, Associations, etc.

In order to maintain the Google calendar, do the following:

  • Log in to the appropriate Google account that controls the calendar needing maintenance:
    • Using your internet browser of choice open web page
    • Log in using your assigned login credentials
  • Make your desired calendar changes
  • Log out from Google.

Detailed instructions on entering or modifying Google calendar events can be found from within the Google Calendar help pages, to which your attention is directed.

Page last updated 08/05/2016