How To Procedures- Page Editor

This section of the (OESC) How-To Procedures provides links to all of the how-to procedure pages for editors of the information pages within the Chapter.

There are two types of pages within the OESC environment- Public and Private.  They are both created, edited, and managed with the same procedures.  The difference is that a private page is tagged with the group “registered” so that only logged-in properly authenticated members can view the page.

Page Editors are charged with the responsibility for updating and maintaining the Chapter’s pages. Most of these pages will be relatively static in content. For example, the public page that is the list of Chapter Officers would require maintenance only at the end of each term when new Chapter Officers are elected and installed. Similarly, the Chapter’s Calendar of events would require more frequent attention as calendar events are, by nature, many times fluid and changing even though many events, like the regular meetings would be established at the beginning of each Chapter term.

Click on any of the links below to access the page documenting the procedure for how the selected page is handled by the Chapter’s page editor. If you encounter a website functional process that is not covered by these procedures, or if you encounter any error in following the procedures provided, please contact the Webmaster so that the appropriate process and associated procedure can be established to properly administer the website component involved.

Page last updated 07/14/2020