How To-Add a New Page

This section of the (OESC) How-To Procedures provides detailed step-by-step instructions about how to add a new page to the OESC environment, should that become necessary. Note that the overall structure of the OESC environment is semi-fixed and will typically not be changing unless an overall structural change is determined as beneficial and then implemented for the entire OESC environment by the webmaster. If the overall structure needs modification contact the Webmaster as OESC-wide access will be required to implement a structural change for all Chapters in OESC.

Whenever you need to add a new public or private page to the OESC environment, do the following steps:

      • Inform the Webmaster that you wish to add a new page to the OESC environment. This is necessary to insure that all OESC participating Chapters continue to have the same structure.  This is needed only if the page being added is other than a content page (I.E. the new page would be a structural page rather than a content page within the existing structure).  If in question contact the webmaster who will help as needed.
      • Log in to the OESC environment using the credentials provided by your Chapter’s OESC Administrator (typically the Chapter Secretary). See How To-Log in to the OESC Environment for detailed instructions if required.
      • Navigate to you Chapter home page
      • Click the edit button at the lower right corner of the page.  The WordPress admin interface will appear replacing the home page
      • Click the large black “W” in the upper left corner to open the admin menus
      • Click the All Pages link in the pages section on the left
      • Navigate to the page immediately before the place to add your new page. This should the the main page for the website section that will contain the new page as content pages are placed newest at the top of each content section.
      • Click the “…” menu at the right end of the current page title
      • Select add child page The second line of the options box displayed)
      • Key an appropriate page title following the Page Naming standards.
      • Click the “add and edit” button
      • Key the page contents as appropriate
      • Since a new page is being created, check the following option in the page options section at the bottom of the new page in the Misc Options tab:
        • Hide Page on the default Primary Menu
      • Click the preview button (located just to the left of the blue update button in the upper right corner of the screen) to preview your work. Be sure to preview in a new tab if offered that option.
      • Check your work! Exit back to the editing screen by clicking the ‘x’ exit button at the top right of the preview page tab in your browser.
      • Make and needed changes and repeat until all is as desired.
      • If the page is a Chapter private page, see “How To-Make a page private” to set the appropriate page group.
      • Click the Publish button on the right side of the screen to publish the page on the OESC server.
      • Using normal OESC navigation go to the page to insure that you can navigate to it properly and that it reflects the desired content. If there are any changes needed, edit the page content using the normal “How To-Change an Existing Page procedure”.

Page last updated 07/14/2020