How To-Upload a file to the server

This section provides information regarding the procedure to use to upload a file (newsletter PDF, photo etc.) in the (OESC) environment.

Appropriate individuals will need to upload files to the OESC environment for different content types, including:

  • Chapter newsletters
  • Event flyers for attachment to Calendar events
  • Photographs for chapter events blog posts

Note that use of any photograph requires that the photographer obtain permission to publish the photos of the person(s) included in the photo. OESC assumes no responsibility, and disclaims any liability, for publishing any person(s) photograph without obtaining consent to publish from the individual(s) involved.

To upload a file, do the following:

  • Login into the OESC environment
  • Select site admin from the META section at the right side of the OESC home page screen
  • Select Media and then add new from the flyout media menu
  • Drag and drop your file(s) to be uploaded into the large grey box

It is critical that your uploaded file(s) are properly named in accordance with the naming standards. This is because all uploaded files are in a single folder and MUST be properly named.  The upload folder will be routinely scanned and any files uploaded that are not properly named will be subject to deletion without notice.

Page last updated 10/22/2016