How To-Adding Posts or Blogs to a Container page

This page documents how a post (a changelog or blog entry) group is added to the appropriate page for each Chapter’s changelog or Blogs pages.  This needs to be done only once for each page involved.

Create a master category for ZZ999

  • The ZZ999 (see Naming Chapters) Chapter number category will provide the categorization of the post as a chapter zz999 item.

Create a master tag for each Post type

  • The tag will specify which type of post involved.

Displaying specific BLOG or CHANGELOG posts on a page

To display the appropriate BLOG or CHANGELOG post entries on a Chapter’s blog or changelog page:

  • Create an appropriately named page (see naming pages).
  • In the “per page options'” section:
    • Check the “hide standard headerimage”.
    • Check Hide page on the default primary menu”.
    • Select “No sidebars, one column content” in the Select Sidebar layout.
  • In “Page Attributes (right side of page):
    • Select the appropriate parent page from the parent dropdown list – likely zz999-Blog-officer or zz999 itself for the changelog
    • Select “page with posts” from the template dropdown list
  • Click Publish (or update) to publish/update the page.  This will expose several additional options for selecting the posts to show on the page.
  • Return to the page and in the settings for Page with posts section:
    • A chapter’s blog page would be category=”zz999″ and tag=”wm” where zz999 is the chapter involved and ‘wm’ would be whichever blog is involved (wm, wp, sec, mpclub etc)
    • A chapter’s changelog would be category=”zz999″ and tag=”log” where zz999 is the chapter involved.
    • The changelog for the OESC environment itself would be category=”oesc” and tag=”log”.
    • Enter “date” for the sort option (must be lowercase).
    • Enter “DESC” for the sort sequence (must be uppercase).
    • Enter “5” for the number of posts on the page.
  • Click update to save the post selection criteria.

Page last updated 08/29/2016