How To-Log in to the OESC environment

This section of the how to procedures provides detailed instructions for logging into the (OESC) environment.

In order to view any Chapter private data and to be able to make any changes the OESC environment, the user must be logged-in and assigned appropriate rights to view/modify specific pages within OESC.

To log in to the OESC environment, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate your browser to (Since you are reading this you obviously know how to do this)
  2. Navigate to your Chapter’s home page (Chapters/yourchapter)
  3. Once you have landed at your Chapter’s Home page, select the blue log in link located at the right end of the Chapter home page in the menu bar.
  4. The OESC website WordPress login dialog screen will appear
  5. Enter your assigned user id provided by the system in the user-id box
  6. Enter your password in the password box
  7. Click submit

If your credentials are entered correctly and are valid you will be redirected back to the home page and a blue log out link will replace the log in link in the right side menu bar section. If there is a challenge with either your user id or password the dialog screen will reappear and you can retry entering your credentials.

Page last updated 07/14/2020