How To-Birthday List Maintenance

This section provides information about how to maintain the birthday list section of the (OESC) environment.

To update the birthday list, do the following:

  • Log in to the OESC environment. See How To Log in into the OESC Environment for details.
  • In the main administrative menu locate TABLEPRESS and select ALL TABLES. Locate the birthday list table for the Chapter. It will be named “Birthdays”.
  • Once you have located the table you need to update, click the EDIT option located immediately below the table name.
  • You should now be in edit mode for the selected table.

The Chapter birthday table is maintained in birthday numerical ascending order.

Adding a new chapter member to the birthday table:

  • Click the checkbox¬† at the left end of the entry immediately after the desired insertion point and then click the “insert” button on the selected rows line at the bottom of the table to insert a blank row above the selected row.
  • If you are adding a new row at the very bottom of the table, lank line. If you are adding a new person after the last existing row, click the “add” row button at the bottom instead of selecting a row and insert.
  • Position your mouse in the newly added row and left-click to add the new data.¬† Key the birthdate mm/dd and person’s name (last, first) in the blank inserted row’s cells.

Changing an existing birthday table entry:

  • Locate and key over the incorrect data of the entry to be updated.
  • Note that if the birthdate changes it may be necessary to insert the corrected row in the proper date sequence position and then delete the old incorrect entry.

Deleting an existing recipient’s name (due to death, suspension NPD etc.):

  • Locate and then delete the name to be removed by using the delete row option after selecting the row to delete.

After the desired changes are entered and verified as accurate, click the blue SAVE CHANGES button located at the left side of the top or bottom of the screen to save the updated table to the server.

Navigate back to the birthday list in normal viewing mode and insure that your changes are accurately reflected in the updated page displayed on the OESC website. If incorrect, repeat the above to correct any challenges.

Page last updated 07/14/2020