How To-User Account Maintenance

This section provides information about how to maintain the user accounts in the (OESC) environment.

User account maintenance is a critically important function within the OESC environment as your Chapter’s member’s access and authorities within the environment are directly controlled by their respective user account credentials.

There are fundamentally two different types of users within OESC

  • Users who view, but do not update, OESC content
  • Users who are additionally authorized to update specified sections of the OESC environment.

The only difference between the two types of users is the absence (view only) or presence (authorized to edit) of the “XX999” chapter data private access group attached to the user’s account.

Click the procedure topic desired in the list below for detailed procedural steps required to perform the tasks involved.

If you encounter any challenges contact your Chapter’s OESC administrator or the webmaster for assistance.

Page last updated 02/21/2020