How To-Add a New User

This section provides information about how to add a new user (chapter member) to the chapter’s user accounts in the (OESC) environment.

Adding a new user is typically a one-time action in the life of the member. You would need to change a user only if their status changes, such a a name change or capability change occurs.

When adding a new user replace “XX999” with your assigned Chapter number.

To add a new user (member) to the chapter user accounts do the following

  • Log in to the OESC environment (click here for details on how to log into the OESC environment).
  • Click the Site Admin link in the meta section to enter Admin mode
  • Click the Users link to display the pages menu
  • Click the Add New User link to open the new page dialog.
  • Key the new user’s name as lastname-firstname in the username field
  • Key the new users complete email address in the email field
  • Key the users First name in the first name field
  • Key the new users last name in the last name field
  • Verify that the Role field displays “subscriber”
  • If the new user is either a public or private page editor add the role of EDITOR from drop down list in the Other Roles box
  • Click the ADD NEW USER button
  • You will be returned to the list of all users. Key the new users name in the search box at the upper right corner of the page to search for the newly added user, and then click search users
  • Review the new users account information and verify that everything look OK. Correct any challenges as appropriate. Note that you can NOT change the username. If you have a username error you have to delete the incorrectly named user and then re-add it correctly.

If you have ANY challenges, please contact the webmaster for assistance.

Page last updated 02/21/2020