How To-Delete an existing User Account

This section provides information regarding the procedure to use to delete an existing user’s (Chapter member’s) (OESC) website user account in the OESC environment.

You would need to delete a user only if their status changes, such as death, demit, or suspension NPD etc. occurs.

To delete a user (member) in the chapter user accounts do the following

  • Log in to the OESC environment. click here for details on how to log into the OESC environment.
  • Click the Site Admin link in the meta section to enter Admin mode
  • Click the Users link to display the pages menu
  • Click the All Users link to open the list of all users.
  • You will now see the list of all users. Key the users name in the search box at the upper right corner of the page to search for the existing user, and then click search users
  • Click Delete under the users name in the user list displayed to delete the user

Verify the user has been deleted by again searching for the user in the user list, as above.

If you have ANY challenges contact the webmaster for assistance.

Page last updated 09/08/2016