How To-Breadcrumbs and “going back”

This section of the (OESC) How-To Procedures provides detailed information about the steps needed to properly navigate to a prior page within the OESC system environment.

There are times when returning to a logical prior page within the OESC environment is desired and/or necessary.  Generally speaking, you may use your browser’s back button to return to the prior page.  However, there are cases within OESC where using the back button will not produce the desired result.  As a result OESC has internal navigational aids within each page of the website.

To return to the prior page, you may click your browsers back button -or- click the breadcrumbs trail of pages located at the top left corner of the page.  The breadcrumbs trail lists the pages you navigated thru to arrive at your current page.  You may select any page in the breadcrumbs trail to transfer directly to the selected page.

Page last updated 07/14/2020