How To-Navigate to a particular Chapter

This section of the (OESC) How-To Procedures provides detailed information about the steps needed to properly select a particular participating Chapter’s home page in the OESC environment.

The Chapters page provides a sortable table of all participating OESC Chapters.

  • The user may sort the table by Chapter Number, Chapter Name, or Chapter Location, in either ascending or descending sequence.
  • The user may change the number of Chapters listed on each logical page from the default of 10 to 25, 50, or 100 chapters by clicking the drop-down box at the upper left of the table.
  • The user may search the table of Chapters by entering the full or partial Chapter number, name or location in the search box located at the upper right corner of the table.  Chapters containing the search terms will be returned.

Once the desired Chapter is located, click the Chapter Number field in the first column to transfer to that Chapter’s Home Page.


Page last updated 05/29/2016