How To-Search for Content

This section of the How-to Procedures provides information on how to search for content within the (OESC) system environment.

OESC Search Boxes

There are several different locations that may contain search boxes within the OESC environment.

  • There is a Chapter-wide search icon (a magnifying glass) located at the upper right corner of  the Chapter home page.  Click the magnifying glass to expand the search input box.
  • The search box may also appear adjacent to tables on those pages that use tables, such as the Past Matrons and Past Patrons list, Birthday List, etc.  Those search boxes search scope is limited to the table involved.

How to search

To use the search box, key word (or words) or a portion thereof and the search process will return any page containing the data keyed.  Note that words in the search box are logically ORed which means that, for example that a search argument of “Hi Low”  would find and match any page that contained either Hi or Low either as a full word or as part of a word such as HIgher or LOWer.

Page last updated 07/14/2020