How To Procedures-Webmaster Procedures

This section provides procedures for the individual designated as the (OESC) Webmaster.

No OESC system user of lesser permission rights has the authority to perform these procedures within the system.

  • Environment Backup and Restore
  • Assignment of Chapter Admin users rights and privlidges
  • All Documentation creation and maintenance
  • Updates to the WordPress Content Management System (WPCMS) software components
  • Any and all changes to the website structure of pages and/or “look and feel”
  • Addition and/or removal of OESC environment features and functions
  • Maintenance to the WordPress plugin modules utilized in the OESC environment
  • How to add a new participating Chapter to the OESC environment.
  • Extending the OESC environment to jurisdictions outside of California.
  • Resolving access restriction issues
  • Correcting content assignment errors made by Chapter level content editors (assigning content to the wrong Chapter and then being unable to correct the issue)