Quick-Start Guide

This section of the documentation provides a “quick start” guide for users of the OESChapters.org (OESC) environmental.

Select an area of interest
Links to the major sections of the OESC environment are listed directly under the emblem images.

If you would like to view and explore information about a particular participating Chapter of OESC, please click the Chapters link. Then select the Chapter of interest from the sortable list presented.

Please note that you must be a logged-in member of your participating OESC Chapter in order to view members-private data, and you can view member-private data only for your own Chapter. You are able to log-in by clicking the blue log-in link at the top right of your Chapter home page.

If you are interested in detailed how-to operational procedures for the OESC environment maintenance, please click the  How-To Procedures link.

If you would like to view and explore the detailed structural documentation about the OESC website environment, please click the About OESC link.

Select topic
Once you have selected your Chapter of interest (from Chapters), detailed how-to procedure (from How-To Procedures), or the documentation section (from About OESC) , you then next select the topic of your choice from the list of topic links presented.

Returning to a prior page
Pages within the OESC environment have a breadcrumb trail at the upper left of the page. You may click the link in the breadcrumb trail to return to any prior page in the breadcrumb trail directly.

Jumping to another section of the website
You may navigate to another major section of the website (Home, Chapters, How to Procedures, About OESC) at any time by clicking the clicking the desired blue link in the main navigational menu bar at the top of each Chapter’s home page.

Logging out of the OESC environment
If you logged in to the OESC environment, then you should log out at the end of your session to protect your login account. To logout select the blue Log Out link located at the top-right side of every page.

Page last updated 03/18/2020